Chicago Lights, an audio/visual show celebrating 81 Chicagoans


I arrived with my family in Chicago in 2015 and it was during that year that the concept of Chicago Lights was born (see Chicago Lights the Background for how it all began). Here you can see the 81 people featured in my show.  They are a wide-ranging and impressive group of characters who contribute to the immense diversity, richness and originality of Chicago’s landscape. As I photographed each person in a place of their choosing, I also interviewed them, with the aim of finding out more about Chicagoans in order to discover the common thread that links us all.


Some of the many topics covered in these raw, authentic and extremely honest interviews include love, mothering, body issues, politics, gender, food, relationships, poverty, spirituality and everything in between. I edited these interviews down to one minute sound bites for the show, which you can hear by pressing the play button that shows up on each image as you click on it. There is a small time lag of 4 seconds so please be patient. More sound excerpts can be heard here on soundcloud.