Dan and Rachel, Monsters of Art Gallery

I first met Dan a few years ago as he was eating in my favourite local cafe. I spotted him talking to the owner, Jenny, who is a friend of mine and i quickly rushed to ask her who he was as I was really intrigued by his image and I thought he would make a great subject to photograph.  She told me he had just opened a gallery and tattoo parlour over the road and so I went, along with my kids and dog, to introduce myself and told him that I wanted to photograph him. Since then we have done about three really fun shoots together and recently I went back to photograph him with his gorgeous pregnant partner Rachel (they have just had a lovely baby girl). It is always a pleasure to photograph Dan and he has some amazing art in his gallery.

Dave Freeman, Tattoo Artist

Dave Freeman is a tattoo artist who works at the tattoo parlour in Monsters of Art. I met him through Dan, who owns the gallery and I asked Dave if he would be happy to be photographed. He agreed and although he was very shy, I thought he made an excellent and extremely handsome model. He is a very artistic young man and as well as creating art pieces that people can display on their bodies forever, he also creates art for walls.

Portrait of Rebecca Lee

I met Rebecca about four years ago when she was working in a boutique on South Molton Street. She was incredibly gentle and kind and had lots of piercings and they caught my eye. I got chatting to her and immediately decided she would be a great subject to photograph and so i asked her if she would be my model. To my relief she said yes and now we meet up yearly for a shoot. It’s always a real pleasure to photograph Rebecca – apart from the fact that she is very beautiful, she is also sweet, fun and very easy company. I love the light and highlights in this profile shot of Rebecca shot against a frosted glass window.

Rebecca Lee

Here is a shot I took of Rebecca recently in Maida Vale. She had just had her tattoo done and so we thought we would photograph it. I think she carries it off well.