Primrose Hill Candles

Here is a picture of Helen and Susan from Primrose Hill Candles. I recently did a series of press shots for them along with some still life shots for magazines and their website. Their candles are incredible – they are made with soy wax and they have the most beautiful smells that fill up a living space. I was so pleased to do this shoot as they gave me loads of candles to take home including a mulled wine candle. It smells amazing!

Linah Nambooze, Singer

I was browsing in a cute Hampstead store the other day when I noticed a young woman with the most incredible hair and a winning smile. I watched her for a while and decided that I would love to photograph her. We chatted and I told her I was a photographer and she told me she was a singer and voila, we had arranged a shoot! We took the photos on the beautiful Hampstead Heath and Linah was absolutely brilliant to work with – so effervescent and energetic, with a 100 watt smile. Linah was thrilled with the pictures and so was I. I love the colours and intensity of her gaze in this picture.

Dave Freeman, Tattoo Artist

Dave Freeman is a tattoo artist who works at the tattoo parlour in Monsters of Art. I met him through Dan, who owns the gallery and I asked Dave if he would be happy to be photographed. He agreed and although he was very shy, I thought he made an excellent and extremely handsome model. He is a very artistic young man and as well as creating art pieces that people can display on their bodies forever, he also creates art for walls.


I met April when I photographed her for a book on yoga with Random House. We shot it at a yoga studio in town called Blue Cow Yoga, where April exercised daily. The team asked her to model for the book and on the day of the shoot we got chatting and she told me that she loved to dress up and go to amazing events in extraordinary costumes. I thought it would be great to photograph her in costume and so we came up with a plan for a shoot and ended up working together another three times. It is always a pleasure to photograph her as she is so joyful and interesting. She is very creative and designs the costumes herself.

Ching He Huang, TV Chef and Food Writer

This is beautiful Ching He Huang, a TV Chef and food writer who specialises in Chinese cuisine. I photographed her for Red Magazine for a feature about Sunday rituals. Her ritual is to eat at the Goldfish Chinese restaurant in Hampstead. The food there is delicious and during the shoot we got to sample it, which is always a bonus! Ching He Huang was really charming and easy to work with.

Alys Fowler

I photographed the wonderful gardener Alys Fowler for Red Magazine for a story about Sunday rituals. Her ritual was to bake fresh bread and listen to the Archers. We turned up to the shoot on a really cold snowy day and Alys made us the most delicious porridge. I absolutely love the fact her dog is wearing a jumper in this shot and all the colours in the image blend perfectly.

Portrait of Rebecca Lee

I met Rebecca about four years ago when she was working in a boutique on South Molton Street. She was incredibly gentle and kind and had lots of piercings and they caught my eye. I got chatting to her and immediately decided she would be a great subject to photograph and so i asked her if she would be my model. To my relief she said yes and now we meet up yearly for a shoot. It’s always a real pleasure to photograph Rebecca – apart from the fact that she is very beautiful, she is also sweet, fun and very easy company. I love the light and highlights in this profile shot of Rebecca shot against a frosted glass window.

Rebecca Lee

Here is a shot I took of Rebecca recently in Maida Vale. She had just had her tattoo done and so we thought we would photograph it. I think she carries it off well.